Funded projects

Current supervised projects
  • Since November 2022: Evolutionary genomics of sociality in beetles (DFG), within the GEvol consortium, in collaboration with Sandra Steiger, Volker Nehring and Peter Biedermann. Responsible PhD student: Sarah Rinke

  • Since April 2020: Genomic innovations underlying the evolution of termite sociality (DFG), in collaboration with Dino McMahon. Responsible PhD student: Alina Mikhailova

  • Since February 2020: Sociogenomics in Blattodea (ANR/DFG) - Genomics of the evolution of subsociality in cockroaches. In collaboration with Erich Bornberg-Bauer, Frederic Legendre and Philippe Grandcolas. Responsible post-doc: Dr Alun Jones

  • Since July 2018: DieTerm (HFSP) - Dietary restrictions and molecular effects on fecundity in long-lived termite queens. In collaboration with Mireille Vasseur-Cognet, Erich Bornberg-Bauer and others.

Former projects
  • SoLong (DFG FOR 2281), comparative genomics of the molecular basis of ageing in social insects. Responsible PostDoc: Mark C Harrison, 2016-2022