Teaching Experience
BSc courses:

MSc courses:
  • Research module: I have devised and supervised several research projects within our MSc research modules Evolutionary Genomics and Biological Data Analysis (WS & SS) - since 2016

  • Biocomputing 1: Python for beginners (advanced module; WS) - since 2017

  • Biocomputing 2: Python for advanced students (advanced module; WS) - since 2017

  • "Introduction to Genomics and Transcriptomics", lecture and practicals within Computational analysis of transcriptomes and proteomes (advanced module; SS) - since 2020

  • "Evolution of caste-specific expression", project within Integrated Biology (advanced module; WS) - since 2021

  • "Molecular evolution and selection", lecture and practicals within Molecular Phylogenetics (advanced module; WS) - since 2021

  • "Comparative Genomics", lecture within Concepts and Current Topics in Evolutionary Biology (advanced module; WS) - since 2022

Supervised BSc theses:
  • Judith Ryll - "Influence of Sociality and Selection on Blattodean Genomes." August 2019

  • Lea Steinbach - "How sociality shapes Blattodean genomes." December 2022

  • Alina Jänsch - "Investigating the molecular footprints of eusociality with machine learning." August 2023

Supervised MSc theses:
  • Lukas PM Kremer - "Dynamics of Gene Families Implicated in the Evolution of Termite Eusociality." July 2017

  • Jan Berghöfer - "Annotation and Analysis of Ionotropic Receptors in Blattodea." June 2019

  • Sarah Rinke-Stack - "The role of selection in the emergence of caste-biased genes in termites." October 2022

Supervised PhD students:
  • Alina Mikhailova - "Genomic innovations underlying the evolution of termite sociality" (DFG project ), since October 2020

  • Sarah Rinke - "Evolutionary genomics of sociality in beetles" (Within DFG SPP GEvol), since November 2022

My Teaching Concept

My goal is to maximise learning by providing enjoyment and engagement in my courses, while also generating appreciation for the importance of sound research practice. By employing research-oriented and student-centred teaching, I create a rich learning environment that promotes a deep understanding of evolutionary biology, genomics and bioinformatics, while ensuring students develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and research skills. I offer evolutionary genomics and bioinformatics for everyone, by encouraging all students to come to us and learn molecular evolution, evolutionary genomics and bioinformatics. I make these subjects accessible to anyone by offering entry to our courses at any level. We provide support materials and introductory texts in advance. Transferable skills to other areas of biology: specific skills acquired in my courses are transferable to other areas of biology that students are interested in. The bioinformatics skills learned in my courses will complement their future work in their own field of biology.

Open Student Projects

Available as BSc thesis, MSc thesis or research module

  • Analysing effects of ageing on co-expression networks in Drosophila

  • Caste-specific role of transposable elements in gene regulation in termites

  • The role of alternative splicing in the evolution of eusociality in Blattodea

  • Predicting eusociality of genomic sequences with machine learning